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What You Need To Know About ATV Claims

Dealing with the aftermath of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident can be draining physically, emotionally, and financially. While ATVs are certainly always fun to ride, they can be dangerous especially when not operated under proper safety precautions. If you were involved in an ATV accident that could have been avoided if the responsible party had been more careful, you may be entitled to compensation by pursuing a personal injury claim.

Make Sure You Appropriately Document the Incident

While the topmost priority is always to seek and provide medical assistance to all injured parties where needed, it is important to ask appropriate questions to document the incident and speak to a lawyer to determine your rights as a victim. An experienced Connecticut CT injury lawyer will want to know the names and contact information of all the parties/drivers involved, any witness information, insurance and owner information.

For the benefit of your case, it is often important to get in touch with the insurance company soon after the accident so that the insurance company will set aside funds for a potential settlement; this is sometimes called setting the reserves based on a loose valuation of the case. Because of this, it is best to get in touch with  a Connecticut or CT injury lawyer first, so that your case will be properly assessed and communicated to the insurance companies. In some cases, they can also delay the process or simply deny the claim, in which case your best recourse may be to initiate a lawsuit, so that the insurance companies know that you're serious and that they are not going to get off that easily.

Make Sure You Consult with a Lawyer First

An experienced and knowledgeable Connecticut CT injury lawyer can help you navigate the law and will be able to objectively assess the value of your case from the start, which will be invaluable to you in filing and/or settling you claim later on.

Speaking with an experienced Connecticut (CT) injury lawyer should be the first step of the process before talking with the other party's insurance company or one's own provider. This is especially important because often time, insurance companies will ask you to give a recorded statement, which will almost certainly be used as evidence against you should your case go into litigation. They might even act concerned or appear to want to help you, but the fact remains, their job is to get you to say anything that will be detrimental to your case and save their employer money.

Compensation For Injuries and Damages

No matter the cause of the incident -- whether individual carelessness or a malfunctioning part -- the resulting injuries and its impact on your life will remain. An ATV accident can cause a wide array of injuries, from soft tissue, to serious head and neurological injuries.  In some cases, long term treatment and care may be required to address physical limitations; while in other cases, counseling may be necessary to deal with the emotional impacts of the accident and its outcome. At the Law Offices of Bradley L. Sorrentino, we are acquainted with many top-notch medical professionals who will ensure you get the medical attention you need, whatever you injuries might be.

Going through the physical and emotional healing process is enough for anyone to handle. There is no need to add financial woes to the equation. With the help of a Connecticut or CT injury lawyer, you can file a claim and get due compensation to cover all the damages incurred. Having a skilled and experienced Connecticut (CT) injury lawyer in the journey of recovery is surely going to make the process much easier to handle.

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The Law Offices of Bradley L. Sorrentino is professional, honest, and are proud to provide passionate advocacy for all of their clients where you can expect personalized care and exceptional service. We are knowledgeable about personal injury process if you or your loved ones want to know more about the available legal options. Contact an experienced San Diego ATV accident attorney anytime  for a free consultation at (203) 518-8010.

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