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The State of Connecticut has one of the highest per capita disposable personal incomes in the country. This means that on an average the amount of products consumed in the state on a per capita basis is also higher than most places in the country.

On a daily basis, we as consumers use hundreds of products, whether for convenience or utility, and in most cases, we pay for these directly out of our hard earned paychecks. However, there are times when instead of providing us any sort of convenience, these products that we spend money on end up harming us or causing damages. In such situations, the law comes to our rescue, but only if one hires a Connecticut CT product liability attorney.

Proving a Products Liability Case in Connecticut Courts

In order to have an actionable products liability claim in Connecticut CT, you must prove each of the following elements, by a preponderance of evidence, meaning that each element is, more likely than not, true. Here is what you must prove:

  • (1) The defendant was engaged in the business of selling the product.
  • (2) The product was in a defective condition unreasonably dangerous to the consumer or user;
  • (3) The defect caused the injury for which compensation is sought;
  • (4) The defect existed at the time of the sale;
  • (5) The product was expected to and did reach the consumer without substantial change in condition.

If you meet each of the above elements to have a prima facie products liability case, you would also have to avoid any applicable defenses.

Definition of Defective Product

There are several ways to show that a product was defective: (1) a manufacturing defect, (2) a design defect, or (3) failure to warn or inadequate warnings. In all cases, you must show that the product was unreasonably dangerous in that its danger is beyond that which would be contemplated by the ordinary consumer.

A manufacturing defect is where the product differs from all other identical products off the assembly line.

A design defect is an allegation that all the products are inherently dangerous because of a flawed design. A design is flawed where the manufacturer could have made a safer and reasonably cost effective product but chose not to.

Types of Product Liability Claims

A Connecticut CT products liability case may originate from the use of any product, but the following are some more common types of products liability law suits:

  • Automobile Defects (Cars, Trucks, RVs etc.)
  • Defective appliances
  • Defective tools, equipment, and industrial machinery
  • Defective medical devices
  • Defective surgical implants (knee, hip, breasts etc.)
  • Defective construction (pool, gas piping and others)
Connecticut CT Defective Medical Device Attorney
Defective Medical Device Lawyer in Connecticut CT

Apart from the several types products liability cases mentioned above, if you or a loved one has suffered any kind of damage due to a defective product purchased in Connecticut CT, we can make sure that your grievance is heard in a court of law and that you are compensated adequately for the damage that has been done. However, before you file a case of product liability in Connecticut, you must remember a few things.

Things to Remember When Filing a Product Liability Claim in Connecticut

It goes without saying that in order to receive speedy justice and compensation due to damages from a defective product, the first thing a claimant must do is hire an experienced Connecticut CT defective product lawyer. But, there are other things that should be kept in mind as well, including:

  • Statute of Limitations – In the State of Connecticut it is mandatory that a plaintiff files a product liability lawsuit within three years from the date of injury, death or property damages caused due to a defective product. So, if you don't want your claim to be rejected, make sure that you talk to a defective products lawyer in Connecticut as soon as the incident takes place.
  • Statute of Repose – Like the Statute of Limitations, the Statute of Repose in Connecticut CT makes it mandatory that a plaintiff can file a product liability lawsuit only if he or she has bought the product in the last 10 years from the date of filing the lawsuit.
  • Limit on Damage/compensation – In Connecticut CT, you can receive compensation for your product liability claim even if you were partially at fault for causing harm to yourself or to your property while using a product.
  • Types of Product Liability Lawsuits – The law in Connecticut allows plaintiffs to file product liability lawsuits based on breach of warranty, strict liability, and negligence. So, you can file a lawsuit regardless of whether the product had a design defect, manufacturing defect or if the manufacturer failed to provide adequate instructions or warning.

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