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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2015 out of 4,379 workers who were killed, 937 of those deaths (21.4%) were in the construction industry.  In private industry that is one out of every five workers. Needless to say construction accidents in Connecticut CT, and nationwide, are fairly common, extremely hazardous, and often cause serious injury or death.

OSHA refers to the most common injuries and deaths in construction as the “Fatal Four.” The Fatal Four is responsible for over half of the injuries and deaths of construction workers.  OSHA states that if the Fatal Four was eliminated it would save 602 construction workers.

Fatal Four” Construction Accidents in Connecticut CT

The ‘Fatal Four' is the name given for the most common fatal construction accidents based on statistical data compiled by OSHA. The most fatal construction accidents in Connecticut and nationwide are the following:[1]

  • (1) Falls causing serious injury or death on Connecticut CT job sites, such as roofers or painters who are unsecured by a tethering system
  • (2) Construction works is struck by an object such as falling scaffolding or heavy machinery in motion causing serious injury or death on Connecticut CT job sites
  • (3) Electrocutions due to faulty-wiring or live wires that causes a serious injury or death on Connecticut CT construction sites
  • (4) Caught-in/between (crushed in collapsing structure) due to another worker's negligence or carelessness

Other Common Injuries to Construction Workers

Aside from the ‘fatal four' common accidents on Connecticut construction sites, there are many other common scenarios that often lead to serious injuries on the job site. Some other common Connecticut CT construction accidents include:

  • Ladder or scaffolding malfunctions causing injury
  • Roof or porch collapse on Connecticut CT properties
  • Burns
  • Defective safety equipment (harness, hard hat, etc.)
  • Power tool accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Manholes
  • Co-worker negligence

As experienced Connecticut CT construction accident attorneys, our firm will analyze your case very carefully, and determine if there was negligence by your employer. That often involves doing a thorough investigation, interviewing witnesses and taking statements, and thoroughly analyzing OSHA investigation reports following a Connecticut CT construction accident.

OSHA has a very strict set of standards for construction jobs nationally as well as here in Connecticut, and they take OSHA-promulgated rules and any violations very seriously. Repeated violations can be fined $126,749 per violation.

Negligence Per Se for OSHA violation

If you've been the victim of an OSHA violation that led to a construction accident causing you serious injury, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

In a Connecticut CT accident law suit, you (the plaintiff) have the burden to prove fault, that it there was a duty to keep the premises or job site reasonably safe and a breach of that duty caused you injuries that are compensable. An OSHA violation could be used as a per se negligence, meaning that the mere violation, is enough to prove fault in your case.

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Most Common or Top 10 OSHA Violations

The top ten OSHA violations in Connecticut CT and the United States from 2017 are:[2]

  • (1) Fall Protection (6,072 violations). Some include failing to guard edges or open sides to prevent construction workers from falling.
  • (2) Hazard Communication (4,176 violations). Some include not labeling hazardous material or providing MSDS and training to employees.
  • (3) Scaffolding (3,288 violations). Some include no guard rails, construction of scaffold.
  • (4) Respiratory Protection (3,097 violations). Some include failing to provide a written respiratory protection program.
  • (5) Lockout/Tagout (2,877 violations).The most violations occur when employers fail to train their employees, or don't inspect the job site.
  • (6) Ladders (2,241 violations). Most violations for ladders occur from improper use.
  • (7) Power industrial Trucks (2,162 violations). Violations occurred due to forklift drivers not being retrained every three years. Other violations came from operators not being certified.
  • (8) Machine Guarding (1,933 violations).  Point-of-operation hazards account for most violations.
  • (9) Fall Protection Training Requirements (1,523 violations).
  • (10) Electrical Wiring Methods (1,405 violations).

Can You Sue Your Employer for a Construction Accident in Connecticut?

In Connecticut CT, if you're injured due to the negligence of your employer, your sole remedy is file a claim with the Connecticut CT Worker's Compensation Commission.

If your employer is the sole negligent party responsible for your construction-related accident, you may be limited to opening a work comp claim.

However, many times there are other parties responsible for construction accident causing injury. That is because other sub-contractor workers involved in the careless behavior that led to your injury.

Additionally, it is very common for there to be a general contractor who has a duty to oversee the job site and ensure proper OSHA regulations are being followed and the construction process is reasonably safe for all workers.

Many construction jobs involve “inherently dangerous' activities, which qualify as non-delegable duties. This means that a general contractor cannot pass the blame even if they weren't there or delegated another party to supervise job safety.

In sum, you may have both a worker's comp claim and a claim for negligence for a Connecticut CT construction accident causing serious injury.

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What Should I Do if I'm Injured on a Job Site?

If you've been injured in a construction accident in Connecticut CT, there are certain things you should keep in mind that will benefit you if you decide to take legal action if you're physically able. This includes:

  • (1) Document Your Injury
  • (2) Find out names of any witnesses
  • (3) Seek Medical Attention Immediately
  • (4) Talk to a Construction Accident Lawyer Immediately

If you know that there was an OSHA violation then you should (if possible) take pictures of the violation. It is important to document an injury-causing accident thoroughly.

The most important thing to do if you are injured on a job site is seek medical attention immediately; this will help preserve your case it is important to familiarize yourself with OSHA's policies.

It is important for you as a Connecticut CT construction worker to be aware of possible violations on your job site. Employers are required by law to keep the job site and their employees safe.

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