Insurance Bad Faith

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Insurance Bad Faith

When people want to protect themselves against any kind of damages or losses, most often the only option available to them is to buy an insurance policy against the threat. The insurance policy is basically a contract between the person buying the policy (policyholder) and the company issuing that policy. According to that contract, as long as the policyholder continues to pay the premiums for the policy, the insurance company has an obligation to defend and indemnify the policyholder.

Because insurance policy is a contract, all the underlying legal principles of contract law are applicable to it, including the most important among them which is called the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This covenant is the general assumption that the two parties entering the contract (the policyholder and the insurance company) will honor their word and act in good faith. However, we all know of cases where an insurance company failed to deliver on its promises or short-changed the policyholder. In such cases, the policyholder can file a lawsuit against the insurance company and we at Sorrentino Legal with one of the best Insurance bad faith lawyer in Connecticut can help you in doing so. However, if you have to file an insurance bad faith suit, you must also know the type of claim that you will be filing and what exactly is classified as a ‘bad faith' behavior by an insurance company.

Types of Insurance Bad Faith Claims–

          1. First Party Claims – If you or a loved one has been harmed by the behavior of an insurance company, such cases come under the first party Insurance Bad Faith Claims. These cases typically involve insurance companies writing policies for disability, medical malpractice, fire, health, life, automobiles etc.
          2.Third Party Claims – These claims usually involve liability insurance, where the insurance company had a duty to protect you (defend you in court, pay for legal costs etc.) and also in a lot of cases to indemnify you, but failed to perform that duty either completely or in a proper manner.

Regardless of the type of the case you intend to file, you will need a competent Insurance bad faith attorney in Connecticut to help you navigate through the legal process, something that we at Sorrentino Legal have an expertise in. Moreover, since most insurance companies have huge legal departments comprising of multiple lawyers that will fight tooth and nail to safeguard the interest of their employers, you cannot take a chance by hiring an insurance bad faith lawyer in Connecticut who doesn't understand the tricks used by insurance companies to deny you the benefits that you deserve. At Sorrentino Legal, we have the talent and calibre to fight your case against any insurance major in the State of Connecticut, irrespective of how big their legal team is.

Examples of Bad Faith Behavior by Insurance Companies –

          1.Unjust cancellation of your insurance policy.
          2.Delay in examining the claim.
          3.Not examining the claim properly.
          4.Refusing to pay for the claim.
          5.Delaying the payment for an unjust amount of time.
          6.Not valuing the claim properly.
          7.Underpaying the claim.
          8.Unjust refusal to settle a claim.
          9.Harassing or threatening the insured.
          10.Unreasonable interpretation of the wording in the policy document.

Apart from the examples mentioned above, there can be other instances where the behavior of an insurance company can be classified as ‘bad faith' in Connecticut, but only an experienced insurance bad faith attorney in Connecticut can help you in finding that. That's why we strongly advise that you contact us at (203) 518-8010, whenever in doubt regarding the behavior of your insurance company. Don't worry, we at Sorrentino Legal don't charge you for just consultation and will be more than happy to meet you and discuss your problem at your home or any other location of your choice.   

Time Period for Filing an Insurance Bad Faith Claim

Although statute of limitations dictates that a common law bad faith claim can be brought till six years since the date when the insurance company acted in bad faith, insurance companies are allowed to shorten that time limit by mentioning it in their contracts. What this means is your insurer can have a clause in the policy document which states the time period till which you can file a lawsuit against it and in a lot of cases this time period is just one year. Hence, if you feel that you have been cheated or unjustly treated by an insurance company, you need to immediately contact an insurance bad faith lawyer in Connecticut. We at Sorrentino Legal are always available for a free consultation and can help you in all kinds of cases related to insurance bad faith. Just give us a call at (203) 518-8010.

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