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Broken Bone Injury or Fractures from a Car Accidents

Getting injured not only causes pain, it is also costly. Not only do you have to pay your hospital bills, but often times continuing care or further treatment is essential for your recovery. If you need surgery, then a serious injury could put you in financial dire straits without a proper health care plan. Many Americans are without the decent health care, and without it, an injury lawyer can help you fair and just compensation to help pay for past medical bills, future treatment costs, and money for your pain and suffering.

After hospitalization and surgery, then you can expect even more expense for the cost of medications, casts if you've suffered a broken bone, any reapplication, and removal. Also, implants will cost you, too. It unfortunately doesn't stop there.  It can also interfere with your job performance or depending on your line of work, or perhaps even cost you your livelihood.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, car accidents or other trauma are one of the most common causes of bone fractures. The Connecticut CT car accident lawyers at Sorrentino Legal, are passionate about protecting the rights of car accident victims. If you suffered a bone fracture following a car accident, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced professional who is knowledgeable about all types bone fractures and what this injury means for your short and long-term physical and financial recovery -- especially when you don't have adequate health insurance.

Most Common Bone Fractures

Fractures of all types can happen anywhere in the body. The medications, emergency procedures, treatments, and other medical needs vary with each type of fracture. The damage done, the location of the fracture in the body, and type of fracture will determine the steps in medical treatment and the value of  your case.

  • Simple FractureA simple fracture is where bone fragments separate completely or incompletely with partially joined fragments of the bone.
  • CompoundThis occurs when bone is broken and separates from the others. A compound fracture pierces the different layers of the skin, and may or may not be “open” or visible in the wound.
  • GreenstickIn this case, the bone is not broken, but rather is bent. This is most common in children with weak bones that have not yet developed fully.
  • ComminutedA comminuted fracture is where the bone is shattered or fragmented into three (3) or more pieces, which then can become loose and move around in the body.
  • ImpactedAn impacted fracture causes the bone to be cut into two. One bone, however, is stuck and driven into the other.

Broken Bone Complications Can Happen

If you've been injured following a car accident in Connecticut CT, it is imperative that you receive prompt medical attention. However, your fight doesn't stop there. Broken bones can cause blood vessels to rupture. Muscles and joints may also be ravaged. Trauma to muscle tendons are susceptible to injury and cause you extreme pain as well. Possibly the worst secondary impact of a broken bone or fracture occurs when there is an infection, which can substantially prolong your recovery and severely harm you financially.

Moreover, your emotional state, mental health, and job stability are not immune from the many costs that can follow a bone fracture or other serious Connecticut CT car accident injury. You deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering and other damages, and our Connecticut car accidents lawyers, whether on I-95, I-91, Sorrentino Legal is here to help.

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